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Leib Resto & Aed, Tallinn

Leib Resto & Aed literally translates to Black Bread Restaurant & Garden. The black bread is a national treasure in Estonia. According to the owners at Leib Resto & Aed, this is what Estonians dream about when they are away too long. Good old Estonian black bread – fresh, warm, simple and honest – it’s what Estonians grow up with and what they are, really.

The founders of Leib – chef Janno Lepik and sommelier Kristjan Peaske – envisioned a restaurant where they themselves would want to eat: one with simple food made from good ingredients at reasonable prices. Their efforts to create such an establishment were highly successful, and Leib has quickly become a favorite among Estonians for its low-key atmosphere and consistent quality. In a movement to reinvent their traditional national cuisine, an often uninspiring meat-and-potatoes affair, many of Tallinn’s restaurants have begun to serve “updated Estonian” food: dishes that reinterpret the culinary possibilities of Estonia’s abundant natural resources. Leib is the best known and probably the best of these eateries, offering dishes like smoked trout and farm-fresh goat cheese, homemade black bread and local wines.

The owners of Leib describe themselves as “professional foodies” that are passionate about the food of their homeland. They love simple, soulful food made from the freshest ingredients and that’s why they work with small local organic farms, butchers and fishermen, and the menu is always seasonal. Classy yet casual, local yet modern – here at Leib Resto & Aed you’ll eat what is currently growing in Estonia, prepared with a great heart and lots of attention.

Leib Resto & Aed is located in a quiet area of the Old Town, a unique and authentic area to wander about. The restaurant has the loveliest terrace in the backyard – a lantern-lit garden which makes it a wonderful place during the spring and summer season. As soon as you walk in, you’ll be surprised by the warm and welcoming staff. A popular part of events at Leib Resto & Aed are Kristjan’s wine tasting or beer degustation workshops that are cool and fun! He has repeatedly been named the best sommelier of Estonia and the Baltics.


Come and feel the Leib experience yourself – the address is 31 Uus Street, Tallinn.

For reservations please call +372 611 9026 or email at 


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